May 4, 2017

EOG Review and TPT Thursday

With EOG's (End of Grades) just around the corner, my kiddos and I are almost in constant review mode! We are finishing up our last math unit on Monday and then will spend three wonderful weeks reviewing to make sure their hearts and minds are prepared for the test. I always tell my precious students that one test does not define you as a student; however, I think motivation plays a huge part in how each student performs on test day.

To keep their motivation and effort high, I try to make our review days extra fun and engaging. Students sometimes have a tendency to want to "drift off" since they have already learned that concept. However, if you have them up and moving around they are more engaged. During our review days I will play many SmartBoard review games, do some partner learning, and have scavenger hunts around the school. Another great (and easy) way to get students moving in your own class is through a task card review.

Task cards are a simple and effective way to have students moving around while reviewing what they know. The great thing about task cards is you can use them many different ways. For me personally, the way that I get the most bank for my buck out of task cards is by cutting them apart and laying one on each desk around the room. Students are then given their recording sheet and move around the room working each problem out one desk at a time. Students then write their answer on their recording sheet and turn in for me to take a quick glance at their answers.

To celebrate (yes, celebrate) the upcoming EOG's and review time, I've placed my favorite Order of Operations task card set on sale for just $1 for the next 48 hours. Aligned to 5th grade Common Core standards, these 32 task cards are a great way to review with your kiddos during the end of the year! Click on the pictures to snatch up your own set :)

May 1, 2017

Meeting Mrs. Godwin

Hello there, welcome new friends! My name is Alyssa Godwin and I am the blogger behind Simply Mrs. Godwin. I am a 5th grade teacher in the beautiful state of North Carolina and absolutely love doing what I do. I feel so fortunate to be in a career that sparks creativity and challenges you to be a better person every day.

The 2016-2017 school year is my third year teaching and while I have taught at two different schools, all three years have been in 5th grade. For me, 5th grade was my favorite grade as a student and it has been a no brainer all these years that it was the grade I wanted to started teaching in as well. I find the curriculum to be challenging but fun and while most of my students are taller than me (I'm a shorty) I love that they are not too cool for school just yet!

For the past two years I had a monogramming shop on Etsy but decided recently that I really wanted to chase after my dreams of being the best educator possible for my students. Not long there after I closed my beloved Etsy shop but knew I wanted (and needed) something to fill all my newly gained "free time" teachers really have any free time?!? Thus, the idea of Simply Mrs. Godwin was born and I am so excited to be sharing it finally with you all.

To me, blogging is such a wonderful (and easy) way to connect with so many other educators around the country to gain new ideas and share inspiration. My hope is that Simply Mrs. Godwin can become a place of happiness for all my new teacher blog friends :)

I have also launched my new Teachers Pay Teachers Store and would love for you all to come follow me there. In the top right hand corner you can find my social media links for BlogLovin', TPT, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook where I would love to connect even more with you all.

I'd love to know a little bit more about YOU! Introduce yourself below and let me know what grade you teach and where!